2016 Inner Dress, 15. Architekturbiennale Venedig

Part of the exhibition „TIME – SPACE – EXISTENCE“
from 28 May – 27 Nov 2016
preview: 26 May 2016, 18-22 pm
Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy.

As part of the Venice Architecture Biennale, an Austrian collective ISA STEIN Studio (Thomas
Kirchgrabner, Maximilian Lehner, ISA STEIN, Barbara Wetzlmair, Jakob Kaiser) presents the
installation INNER DRESS: It is a walk-in sculpture, one hand dwelling, on the other hand a
dress which is made out of white men’s trousers.

Though, the shape of INNER DRESS doesn’t belong to the history of fashion, but to the Apega
of Nabis, an ancient torture device. The working method of the collective is based on the
interface of architecture, art, music, philosophy and fashion. INNER DRESS focuses on subjects
such as the question to a specifically female morality, the emphasis on equality and practical
problems in connection with violence in history. When one looks out from the interior of the
sculpture, you can see a video of a building demolition, which is read from an internal
perspective. The audio track for the video is produced directly in the exhibition from the noise
of the visitors. Penetrates the outside through the protection back into the interior?

Omnipresent destruction first changes the perception. This change also causes a profound
change: the belief in the immutability tangible things will be shaken and questioned at the
same time.

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