Photography | Video

  • 2008 Edgy

    8-piece, C-print, 100cm x 100cm altogether 200cm/400cm I will cheat on you, you will cheat on me, we will cheat on each other.
  • 2007 Heroes of a new millenium

    C-print, 74cm x 16cm The photo series was done in the chapel of Castle Raabs in Austria. All elements used were found at the castle.
  • 2007 Cocooning

    C-print, C-print laminated on aluminum, 145cm x 105cm Over the last few decades the human being has become less important in making art statements, this was mainly […]
  • 2007 Rosen

    C-print, 74cm x 16cm; 20cm x 30cm In these works I also used the process of self timer and personal dialogue with the camera. The roses […]
  • 2005 Am I male?

    Contact sheet, 150cm x 100cm The photo series “Am I male?” plays with female and masculine behavior. In this series the artist is taping her breasts […]
  • 2005 LOVEletter and FUCK-LOVE

    Ink and acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 150cm, 200cm x 200cm The artist is smoking an enormous amount of cigarettes and tries to leave marks on […]
  • 2004 Scaring off

    photography each 150cm x 100cm „Abschrecken“, Schloss St. Lamberg Steyr, Austria, 2004 with Kunstinitiative c/o:K The high-rise building was an invention of equality and democracy. Everybody […]
  • 2003 Moderner Schmerz

    Contact sheet, edition 3, 150cm x 100cm MODERNER SCHMERZ (modern pain) shows the glueing of mollies onto my back.
  • 2001 human skin

    Contact sheet, edition 3, 150cm x 100cm MONUMENTAL REMINDER Imprints in earth, reminding, reminding of an absence A coat is sown using primitive materials. Gaps and cuts […]
  • 2001 HairyEyeballs

    2:44 min sound HAIRY EYEBALLS is a video, which again takes a surreal image making. It also plays with the dual meaning of “hairy eyeballs”, which […]